Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Creating a Learner Profile for Personalized Learning

In my very first blog, I discussed student profiles as the cornerstone for shifting education from teaching curriculum to teaching students.

This concept is worth mentioning again, particularly in the context of Personalized Learning and Universal Design for Learning.  There are 2 specific tools I would like to share that are easy to implement in the first couple of weeks of school and that would provide the basis for Instructional Planning.  First of all, here is a graphic that reflects my thinking around planning for student success:

The first tool is a Multiple Intelligences Survey (Gardner) - of which there are many you can find online.  This particular one would allow students to fill it out and graph their results.  This of course would also make a great math activity!  The results could then be compiled into a class profile that shows the overall predominate strengths of the class.  Here's an example of an individual's results:

The second tool is based on Sternberg's Inventory of Analytical, Creative and Practical domains.  This is a well-recognized tool that fits well with the Multiple Intelligences survey.

This Power Point presentation introduces the "Student Profile Card" and the inventories that go along with it.  It serves as a powerful tool for ongoing assessment and lesson planning for the teacher. 
There are many Learning Styles that are present in any given classroom.  The more time we take to assess these styles and have our students involved in the process, the better prepared we are to Personalize the learning for our learners.

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